Joy’s Angels Tiers


When you make a donation to Joy's Angels

you will be placed in our Angels tiers and recognized with your name or company. 

Recurring Donations


Zadkiel – $10,000 + 



Uriel- $5,000 + 




Michael- $2,000 + 




Raphael - $1,000 + 

Garreett Geary

Marchesini Group USA


Gabriel - $500 +


Jophiel - $50 + 


Sportelli Family

Christina Hollman
Dorthy Gumm

Rebecca Gibby

Scott  Family

Cornelius Swartz

Kevin and Kathy Mahoney

 Rubenstien Family

Mallary Steinfield

 Anonymous Angel 


Chamuel – Other 

Margaret Philp

Kim Forrester




  • Donors have full control over their monthly recurring donations.

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