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The battle with cancer depletes both the physical and financial resources.  Adding more fees on top of an illness is counterproductive.  The Center is a non-profit organization. Our commitment to the well-being of all individuals involved in the fight against cancer, is another way to address the holistic approach of mind body spirit healing. 


We will offer our services free of charge. As a nonprofit, we will seek support from outside sources rather than rely on our patients.  We will develop outreach campaigns to gather the resources required to provide the services needed.   

There are many ways you can help support Joy’s Angels through personal donations, gifting services for patients and caregivers, or the volunteer of services, time or expertise.  Please join us for our fundraising events throughout the year or host your own.  Hosting an event in your community is a great way to honor someone that may have passed or is going through treatment now.  

We have moved into a physical space in Mountain Lakes, NJ for workshops, one-on-one appointments and small group gatherings.

We’re seeking both financial contributions and in-kind gifts to jump start our work and establish the long-term presence of The Center. 

We hope you’ll join us.


​​Checks can be made payable to Joy's Angels Holistic Healing Center, 333 Route 46 West, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046.

Please feel free to contact us by phone: 


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