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Upcoming Events

  • Lucky You
    Sat, Mar 25
    Mountain Lakes
    This beautiful painting will bring you luck and good fortune.
    Multiple Dates
    Sat, Dec 10
    Mountain Lakes
    Support Joy's Angels by zoom or in person. We will be painting and having fun all why raising money for a cause.
  • Joy's Angel's Vendor Fair
    Sat, Sep 24
    Joy's Angel's Vendor Fair
  • Joy's ABC's of Healing Letter I Incredibly Delicious Health Frozen Treats
    Mon, Jul 25
    Mountain Lakes
    Come Learn how to make delicious healthy Frozen TREATS
  • ABC's of HEALING  - H-  Healing with Singing Bowls
    Mon, Jun 27
    Joys Angels Holistic Healing Center
  • JOY's ABC's of Healing MAGIC SHOW
    Mon, Mar 28
    Mountain Lakes
  • Special Holiday Session  ABC’s of Healing
    Mon, Nov 29
    333 US-46
    Come share and enjoy our company with Special Holiday Session of the ABC’s of Healing.
  • The ABC's of Healing Workshop
    Mon, Aug 23
    Joy's Angels Holistic Healing Center
    For encouragement, guidance and support on your healing
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Meditation
    Wed, Jun 02
    Joy's Holistic Healing Center
    Relax, rejuvenate and restore with therapautic sound vibrations from celestial crystal Singing Bowls
  • Paint for Charity (2:00pm) Session
    Sat, Mar 13
    Painting for Charity
    Come join us as we get creative and enjoy a few hours of painting for a good cause.
  •  Paint for Charity (10:00AM) Session
    Sat, Mar 13
    Paint for Charity
    Paint for Charity is raising money to benefit Joy's Angel's Healing Center so they can continue comforting people facing medical challenges.
  • Joy's Angel's Movie Night
    Sat, Sep 26
    Joy's Holistic Healing Center
    Come and have some fun outside. As Joy's Angel's hosts their first annual movie under the stars. When you purchase your family ticket of $35.00 you will receive one bag of popcorn and a bottle of water. Additional concessions of popcorn and waters will be sold during the show. Thank you!
  • International Charity Day with my CBD Organics
    Tue, Sep 01
    45 Broadway
    In honor of International Charity Day, my CBD Organics is donating a portion of profits to Joy's Angels: a holistic healing center bringing ease and comfort to cancer patients and caregivers on their healing jounrney. You can help by ordering both on online and in person.
  • Joy's Angels 2nd Annual Two Day Retreat
    Sat, Jun 27
    Join us as we come together virtually for two soulful days of workshops and classes to help us all reconnect and heal. We've created a space just for you!
  • Devils VS Hurricanes Fundraiser
    Sun, Mar 29
    Prudential Center
  • EFT Tapping 101
    Wed, Feb 26
    Joy's Holistic Healing Center
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